Ceux qui voyagent

* Step 1: κρήτη *

* Step 2 : Κύπρος/ Kıbrıs *

* Siga Siga (Κύπρος/ Kıbrıs) *

* Un nombre incalculable de portières (κρήτη - Κύπρος/ Kıbrıs) *

* Il arrive cependant qu'ils jouent (Κύπρος/ Kıbrıs - Türkiye) *

* Les départs (Belgique - κρήτη - Κύπρος/ Kıbrıs - Türkiye) *

* Les Turcs, ceux qui regardent avec le cœur… (Türkiye)

Almost 10 years ago, somebody took the train. Going East, looking for people to play with. 

Today, he’s watching two other people leaving. Going East, looking for other people to play with.

You, living in Brussels, Madrid, Nuremberg, Ekaterinbourg, Hong Kong, Djebel Moussa, Palmyra… may have met Thibaut. Tomorrow, you’ll maybe stumble upon us, Sabrina and Nicolas, on the road to meet you. We are leaving home to discover new places, new people and new ways of thinking. We both very much love to play, and we thought we could share this happiness with you.

Are you curious ?

Are you willing too share stories ?

Are you ready to make some space for some playful hours ?

We will be very happy to hear from you by email (nicolasovigneur(at)gmail(dot)com)

You can also find us on Couchsurfing (www.couchsurfing.com), looking for "letsplaytogether"!

But if you want to know some bits of what we are beforehand, keep on reading...

For a start, take some time to look at where we are at the moment and how we are traveling. You may find pictures of what we have seen/ eaten/ discovered! 




And now let's see who you are going to play with...


Player 1 : Sabrina

Player 2 : Nicolas


* To be able to play in every langage she crosses

* Reach a world record Probably the one concerning the amount of different foreign pastries tasted

* to discover people around the world

* To study the pleasure of game & play in different cultures

* To be happy and difuse happiness


* Walking more than 700 km in one go

* Being trapped in a train station by a typhoon in Japan

* A journey around South America using games to meet people

* A lot of projects around playing : animation, training, event organisation...


* High ability to lose touch with reality while reading a book

* To exchange about experiences

* Really sociable

* Curious of everything

* Visible from far away


* Energy stock not to be worried about

* Curious to participate in activities she has no skills for

* Rythm’n boulet : a very good game to communicate without language

* Story cube : One of the most creative story telling game

* A smile !!


* Not to be trusted in presence of sweets

* More than terrible sense of direction

* Unreliable for elementary mathematics

* Lack of language practice

* Difficulties to hide


French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese

French, Spanish


Narrative, Bluff, Reasoning

Playful mind



Have we already met ? It is our birthdays and you have absolutely no idea of what would make us happy ? Are you overwhelmed by a sudden inheritance ? To whom it may concern, here is where you can send us a way for Nicolas to buy tickets for the next place (and for Sabrina to try a new dish)

Nicolas Ovigneur - IBAN DE18 1001 1001 262 6969 301 (BIC : NTSBDEB1XXX)